Greetings from Banff!

I've settled into my beautiful accommodations at The Banff Centre for a very special two weeks. This week, I'm enjoying the peace and space to write my Doctoral Dissertation, "Cornerstones of the Ukrainian Violin Repertoire: 1870-Present." Having time with old friends (especially the other former-Saskatchewan ladies) is a wonderful part of the experience as well.

Next week, I'll be participating in Gruppo Montebello, an ensemble spearheaded by Henk Guittart. We'll be performing and recording turn of the 20th century music by Schoenberg, Berg, Webern, Wagner, and Zemlinsky - all for an ensemble of strings, winds, and keyboards. As well, we'll be working on a new commission by Brian Current, called "Sungods."

I'm very excited to be working with many of my favourite colleagues in this venture. More on this later; back to the dissertation...