My Ukrainian band Tyt i Tam released its 4th full-length over the August long weekend at the 50th Canada's National Ukrainian Festival in Dauphin, Manitoba.  

Obriad (meaning "Ritual") is a 12-track concept album through which the band explores ancient rituals of the calendar year and life cycle in a contemporary context. Through Obriad, the band examines fundamental elements of the human experience - love and loss, the changing of seasons, celebration and hardship, traditional songs and village dances - with a new depth and impassioned honesty. Obriad is Тут і Там's most mature album to date, marking a departure from their earlier three releases while keeping the energy, instrumental prowess, and vocal harmonies that they are known for. It shatters expectations with the seamless fusion of folk-rock, dance, ska, reggae, and village influences.

"Знову в наші Україні вороги гуляють"
[Once again, enemies trample upon Ukrainian soil]

The current invasion of Ukraine is tackled through an updated version of Сумний Святий Вечір (Christmas Eve 2015), a popular carol from the time of WW2 that has taken on a life of its own. The final track features the words of Ukrainian poet Lina Kostenko - a call to action to live and to love (pictured in the gallery above in street-art form!).

Here's a video of our Dauphin set:

Tyt i Tam performs on the Grandstand on Friday, July 31 at the 50th Anniversary edition of Canada's National Ukrainian Festival in Dauphin, MB. Thanks to Myron Jurychuk for the last-minute video! Тут і Там / Національний Український Фестиваль Канади (Дауфин, Манітоба), 31ого липня 2015 Songs: 1.