Thanks to everyone who made it to our Ironwood Quartet show at The Record Centre on Sunday!  The house was full, the acoustic was amazing, and the show was captured on reel-to-reel live off the floor.  I think I saw a video camera too!  Can't wait to share that result with you in the near future.

We performed Philip Glass's 5th quartet to start, and after catching our breath, we launched into that last movement of Ana Sokolovic's Commedia del'arte I - Il Capitano, a rhythmic piece with a real mechanical feel.  We finished the set with Bryce Dessner's Aheym.  (You might know him from The National.)

In retrospect, it was a pretty intense set!  It was a serious journey as a listening experience, and pretty demanding (read: arm-killer) for us up front.  So, we thought we should end off with the seasonally appropriate "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming" by Praetorius.  I mean, we just had to.

John, Rob, and the rest of the staff of The Record Centre were incredible hosts, and we'll be sure to be back there with another program soon.  Everybody go visit the shop and support these music lovers!

Here are a few shots from the event: